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I am up set due to the fact that me and my daughter been waiting to watch the pagent n not one black girl was able to make top 15 wow that's sad what kind of message are you sending to our young black princesses...Danm

It's like your pretty much telling them that if they are to dark the wont make the cut ,they don't realize that our youth is our future and what they see is what they believe ,that jus shows how much they hate the fact of a black sad wow

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Funny Mann
Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States #590692

That's right I forgot only black people have racism towards them I have a biracial son what would I know about that???That's what I was saying anytime a white person makes it to the top and beats out a black it's racist.

Now turn it around it's all good we are to suck it up. I walked in your shoes now it's time for you to change them and move forward.

The "Race" card is played out.Find something new to use.

Funny Mann
Berlin, Pennsylvania, United States #590344

They have their own Miss Black Pageant why does it matter that the white girls made it and the black ones didn't?It's time to stop playing that "Race" card it's old news now.

Blacks have their own things whites can't have what they do because it would be racist. Talk about double standards. Inform your daughter that the girls didn't make it because they were not good enough.

:cry Those are *** things to watch anyway.Teaches girls that only looks are important.

to Funny Mann Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #590399

First of all us black people came a long way .and for the record no we don't have our own black miss universe contest because we are a part of the same one that's how it became alittle something called equal opportunity .I don't have to tell my daughter any thing she has eyes she can see for her self that their is still racism in the world and it needs to be pointed out .what make it so bad is that my eleven year old was the one that pointed it out to me a favor when you walk a mile in a black person shoes then u let me know how that will make you feel when you see about 200 girls and not one of color could make the cut. :(

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